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Most powerful and fastest way for healing;  Power of Nature

Privately and exclusively 1-1 breathwork retreats for our client's specific needs with deeply relaxing and healing treatment retreats in 


where removing yourself from the demands of everyday life multiplies the results of plant and breathwork - energy work - sound healing - yoga -meditation exponentially.

Heal your depression

Reach your intentions

Change your subconscious program

Achieve Maximum Health

Skin beauty and physical health


​Experience deeply nourishing peace and relaxation

Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness

Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth

Let go of emotional baggage permanently and easily

Release anxiety and depression

Feel completely energized

New opening in your spiritual practice

Understand the nature of spirit

Feel as if newborn again

Open your breath and expand your life

Explosion of creativity

Learn how to support yourself with meditations, breath work and yoga 

Retreats are 3 days, all inclusive and exclusive with 5 star accommodations, intermittent fasting with moderate juicing - no bloating plant based food diet, 2 daily breathwork sessions (one 1-1 and for one your private group), active meditations, yoga, mindfulness meditation teaching, self-hypnosis sessions, sound bath, shamanic energy healing. 

Price: For availability please inquire by email. (Pricing may change with locations and number of people, please inquire)

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