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How does admission to the Mercui Recovery Program  work?

Admission Process. After being convinced that Mercui  Recovery is an option for yourself or for a loved one you're seeking help for, the natural question is: how to proceed?

Below we describe how the admission process would typically work

1.  Contact us to discuss your individual problem and ask any questions you may have about us or how we can help.

2. Once you have decided that you would like to arrange treatment with  Mercui  Recovery, we agree on an admission date.

Upon full payment and commitment (completion of service agreement etc) we will arrange your first assessments with your therapists and counselors. 

3.  On the agreed date and time we will meet you at the airport to collect you from your flight. You will then meet your assigned therapist who will live with you for the duration of your time with you. Alternatively, we can send someone to meet you or your loved one at any location in the world to accompany you on your trip to us.

4. First, we take our guests directly to our partner physician for a medical check-up and, if required, initiating a medically supervised detox/withdrawal.

5. Second, assessments. We start with a detailed range of assessments:  an emotional/psychological  assessment, addiction assessment, a nutritional-and lifestyle assessment, accompanied by extensive laboratory tests (if agreed)  to determine the current status of the brain’s and body’s bio-chemistry. Based on the assessments, our team, in co-operation with the client, establishes a detailed and individually tailored treatment plan for the coming weeks.

6. The holistic treatment program will start upon clearance from the physician  (if no detox is required, this can be on the same day of the admission). Once cleared for treatment, we transfer our guests to their luxury residence. You will meet our support staff who will ensure your comfort and well-being during your stay. Treatment starts on the first day and consists of many hours of one-to-one therapies every day. All therapists and doctors come to the residence (or virtually, if desired) for their sessions with you.

7. Aftercare.  Following completion of the treatment we normally suggest that the assigned therapist, or a company escort, travels home with you for some time in order to ensure a smooth transition to your home environment.

Admission Process: About The Spa
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